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With the trees shedding their leaves and temperatures gradually decreasing, fall is easily one of the most stunning seasons of the year. If you love the essence of this upcoming fall season, why not infuse your living spaces with color, texture, and pattern of the season?

It’s very easy. The Sarasota Collection Home Store is excited to introduce a new series of furniture and accessories to outfit and elevate your home and office. These new furniture and accessory trends for the fall are custom made to fit your design needs. They include all types of furniture, including lounge chairs, high-end tables, dining tables, stools; accessories, linens, and everything you will need for your home or office.

Best Color Trends Fall

Whether you want to create a modern reinterpretation comprising of rust or maple red, we stock furniture line that weaves in hints of warmer tones within your living spaces. All these products are accented with contemporary details and finishes to keep things fresh and new to the eye. Even small touches of gold accent furniture pieces create a new-found coziness and warmth within your living space.

Furniture and Accessories With Stunning Texture

Fall is the perfect time to revamp your living spaces with stunning texture. The Sarasota Collection Home Store stocks furniture pieces with smooth textures to add a sleeker aloof tone to your living spaces. We also have furniture with rough and heavily textured surfaces to make your living space feel more intimate and grounded. Our unique furniture pieces and accessories are also designed to add interest, coziness, and wow factor for the upcoming exciting season.

Pattern and Print Trends for Fall

Forget the traditional tartan and plaid. Celebrate this coming season with pattern and print trends that showcase the natural earthiness of the season. Some of the new custom-made furniture and accessories that we have introduced in the market lives on this dream. They are built on quality and craftsmanship with intricate patterns to bring warmth and inviting look.

Begin Your Shopping Today

For different options and styles of furniture pieces and accessories in Florida, Sarasota Collection Home Store will always satisfy your needs. Feel free to browse through our line of products or contact us today for inquiries. We have the best customer service at your disposition.