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Modern, high-end furniture is what we have to offer at the Sarasota Collection Home Store. With the arrival of our new BDI furniture collection, we aim to help you find the best quality products and the latest technological designs to integrate into your home at an accessible price range.

BDI Furniture

The beautiful and unique BDI furniture has enhanced the way families live since 1984. Our careful selection of designers makes our products a gratifying and pleasurable reality. Indeed, we assure you that you are getting the best furniture options to decorate your home. The features presently in our products have been selected with the intent of making the day-to-day life more practical and accessible. Appealing, sophisticated, adjustable, and innovative are but a few of the characteristics defining our collection. The solid wood allows for a quality, reliable experience.

So Many Options

Make home the delightful, relaxing setting you deserve. From cabinets, TV stands, home office furniture, shelving, tables and more, we deliver the most creative designs. Customer satisfaction along with sustainable, polished goods is our number one priority.

As specialists make your home a more unique and enjoyable environment, we believe your home is worthy of new, functional modern furniture without having to choose between quality or design. You can now have both aspects incorporated as you encounter our broad, refined selection. In addition, our packaging composition is thoughtfully and delicately arranged to ensure your selection arrives in the best possible condition with the least possible damage.

Learn More About BDI Furniture

At the Sarasota Collection Home Store, we do not only believe great, fashionable and exclusive furniture exists in the market. Also, we deliver! Contact us today to get the best interior design ideas for your home and shop our store, ensuring the best customer service at your disposition.