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What makes a house a home? Family and friends provide the warmth to turn any space into a home. But, is there more?

Furniture accents our lives. How we decorate our home says a lot about what we value and who we are. The furniture that we choose and the accessories with which we compliment that furniture shapes our mood and makes a space more than 4 walls and a floor. They make that space ours.

Looking through this lens, we can see just how important a home store is to our lives. It gives us the clay to mold our home into a safe place. At The Sarasota Collection Home Store, we understand how important your furniture store is to your life. We put love and care into our pieces because we know you put love and care into your choice of furniture.

Our Goal

We take your experience seriously. We do not want to “sell you some modern furniture that we have”. We want to understand your needs and help you find what makes your house a home. We want your home to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your life. We work with you, using our knowledge and experience, to inform your decision.

Our Space

Of course, if we want you to trust us with your space, we had better make our space look good. Our well-appointed showroom is located in the historic Rosemary district, in beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida. Come visit our showroom to discover our range of modern furniture to find the piece of your dreams. In addition to traditional furniture, we offer many home store goods. Including; lighting, rugs, window treatments, linens, pottery, and more.

We are proud to offer custom furniture as well. We will work tirelessly to design a custom piece that meets your specific needs and ensure that you find exactly what you need for your space.

We Would Love to See You

We are passionate about furniture and we love nothing more than to help everyday people with their interior design needs. Contact us to discover how we can be of some assistance in changing your space, accenting your furniture, and ultimately, making your house a home.