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Accessories are said to be the jewelry of the room. They make a statement, tell a story, and inspire the viewer.  Accessorizing is generally the last step in the home design process but one of the most important because it is what ties everything together and brings character to the home. When you accessorize your home, you are able to showcase your sense of style and bring out your personality. You can also set the tone of each room and add color and textures with accessories.

Accessories Should Match Your Mood

Our Designers suggest that when it comes to home decor and accessories, you should always think about the mood you want to portray. What look do you prefer? Some prefer a minimalist approach to accessorizing, using simplicity of design with a touch of luxury, while others prefer a contemporary, modern and sleek approach that uses accessories with clean lines and intriguing shapes. Whatever style you have, make sure that the pieces you choose to accessorize with makes you happy. Each piece that you choose should bring you joy because you are creating a space where you can relax and retreat.

They Can Be Conversation Starters

Accessories can also become conversation pieces while entertaining guests. The simplistic designs, modern forms, and curious textures create art within themselves and will have others noticing. Whatever your style may be, accessorizing your home will add the final touches that will create a unique portrait of your personality. If you are looking to decorate your home but your not sure where to start, our interior designers can help you to bring together the perfect pieces that are functional, elegant in design, and showcase who you are. The Sarasota Collection Home Store carries exclusive furnishings that will bring beauty to your home. If you would like to speak to one of our designers, contact us and we will be happy to help you achieve your dreams.