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Spring is in full swing, which means soaking up every minute of these beautiful days before the summer heat sets in. It also means afternoons spent enjoying lunch al fresco and dinners lit by sunsets and starlight.
Afternoons with little humidity and evenings worthy of a light sweater create the perfect opportunity for Floridians to enjoy outdoor spaces. This season may be short-lived, but it sets the tone for our patios through the rest of the year. With just a few simple pieces, your patio will be perfect for all of this year’s outdoor events.

Ice Cream Color Pops

Spring design doesn’t need to include every pastel on the color wheel to send a seasonal message to your guests. Instead, we encourage you to stick to your favorite year round colors for larger pieces while integrating ice cream color pops with throw pillows, vases and accent tables.
Ready for a new collection of outdoor furniture? We have a beautiful assortment of designs to choose from that will set the tone for your entire year. Kannoa’s Dana Collection of patio furniture makes a great canvas to build upon as each new season comes and goes.

From there, select the perfect accessories to let your guests know spring has sprung. Cover your pillows and cushions with these colorful fabrics from the Sunbrella Shift Collection to add a bright energy to the space. Creating a light, airy outdoor space is a fabulous way to send this message. With the subtle integration of pastel colors, your strawberry mojitos and mint juleps will become more of a design complement than an indulgence.

We all know spring in Florida actually means summer beginning to make an appearance with the occasional afternoon peak temp of 95º. While we enjoy being outside this time of year, there are just some days better spent indoors. With everything in bloom, this is the time of year to integrate florals into your decor.
Floral prints are great accents to any room. The Dharma rug from the Chandra Collection is a beautiful way to add color and pattern to your living room space. These handcrafted rugs from India will provide an elevated base to build upon. Dwell Studios offers an assortment of floral prints, such as the Weatherby Dove Pillow Cover and Oaxaca Floral Decorative Pillow.

To literally bring spring inside, planters are the best way to display the fresh blooms and aromas of this season in your home. The Gent Planter High from Bobo Intriguing Objects offers the perfect blend of rustic finishes and modern lines to create a sleek support for your favorite fresh flowers.
By bringing the outdoors in, you can enjoy the season of easy, breezy days even when the humidity starts to rise. By scattering fresh prints about your house, guests will feel the energy of a bright new beginning, in the comfort of your air conditioning.

Visit our beautiful patio at The Sarasota Collection Home Store located in downtown Sarasota’s Rosemary District where we have arranged an beautiful selection of outdoor furnishings. Bring your friends and a bottle of Pinot Grigio to begin imagining your future outdoor events!