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Fall is officially here, which doesn’t mean much to us Floridians other than that traffic is heavier… we feel a little more comfortable in our outdoor living rooms… it’s not so dark outside in the mornings… and Christmas trees are already on sale at Home Depot!

But this small change in the seasons is wonderful news for many of us who jump at any opportunity to redesign our homes, and thereby, our lives.  Here are some easy ways to stay on trend this fall and subtly create an autumn  feeling into your interior design.


Fall design doesn’t need to include pumpkins and hay to send a seasonal message to your guests.  Instead, we encourage you to design around what makes you feel comfortable and cozy in your home.  We love using dark, moody colors to create drama and add depth, without feeling too formal or stuffy.

It’s not necessary to use wall paint, either… you can create the same look and feel with dark-toned furnishings, too.  Check out this LEE Industries Leather Chair in Summit Parisian Blue.  It’s an easy alternative for the commitment-phobe to try this trend without spending time or money on an accent wall that might feel passe in a few years… or months!  
If you’re ready to jump in, we *love* the look of this black geometric tile (this is actually inside our store).  In small doses, the effect can be huge!

Texture is key in the comfort aspect of design, and luckily this season’s trends mean there are a number of ways to incorporate texture.  
Some of our favorite elements are the Flokati sheepskin pillows and bedspread that are reminiscent of angel wings – as well as being a nod to the Anasts’ Greek heritage.  One other unique touch is that Pam chose to hang crystal chandeliers over the side tables next to the bed, instead of traditional table lamps.  The hanging lights reflect the serene, floating sensation that one feels while standing in the room, gazing out the window into the sky.

Animal furs and hides are an easy way – whether a cowhide rug or chair (pictured is a leather chair by LEE Industries in Serengeti Beige).  For our vegan friends (or anyone who prefers not to purchase animal products), these days there are a tremendous amount of faux fur options, so please feel free to ask our designers for recommendations.

Velvet is also an animal-friendly alternative to fur that imparts a sense of drama and visual depth through texture into any room. It’s luxurious and inviting, perfect for fall entertaining.

Velvet furnishings can be a substantial investment, so you might opt to try drapes if you’re just testing the waters of this trend… though how could you NOT love the look of this stunning library with blue velvet sofa?!


Our all-copper-everything fans will be disappointed to hear that this trend is on its way out.  (Though, of course, we believe copper accents are gorgeous and timeless, so do what you will with that information!)
Brass is, by all accounts, the “new copper”.  Though some might perceive it as a blast from the 80s past, we love the crisp, polished look of a quality brass finish.  Pair it with raw and natural materials for an elegant contrast.

You can easily incorporate brass into your home design using accessories like the Dimpled Brass Lamp that we’ve featured before by Handley Drive, or this pretty etagere by Artistica Home.

The fabulous futon pictured below by Innovation USA checks all the fall trend boxes – velvet texture, dark in color, brass accents.

We hope that as you consider your fall refresh, you consider The Sarasota Collection’s team of expert designers.  Stop by anytime from Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm or give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.