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One of our favorite interior design trends for fall 2017 is the use of wood for both style and function.  

Some call it a blast from the past – we call it a hearkening to simpler times.  Wood is a natural, traditional, ancient element once used to craft homes entirely – and everything inside.  With more modern construction materials in use today, wood is used by many designers to “warm up” interior spaces, to lend a home-like ambience to a setting that could easily feel sterile. Wood as a design element is at the intersection of two of the most prominent trends – bohemian chic made popular in recent years, and mid-century modern that has lasted the better part of this decade.  The photo at left is a good example of both trends, and features a beautiful wooden dining table as well.

One of the most remarkable things about wood is its diversity.  There exist so many different types of wood resulting in a variety of looks.  Looking for a beachy vibe?  You might not choose mahogany, and instead go for a white oak or light ash, for example, with driftwood accents. Also, some types of wood are softer than others.  It’s important to keep all of these characteristics in mind as you design your home – from form to function.

In your own home, you can easily integrate wooden elements into your interior design, and not only as flooring or dining room tables & chairs.  We’re seeing an increase in home accessories and servingware fashioned of wood.  As far as accent furniture goes (like coffee/end tables or consoles), high-gloss lacquer finishes are out, and statement pieces that showcase gorgeous wood are in.
And we’re not talking about those furnishings which resemble your grandmother’s wooden china cabinet or dining table… (not that there’s anything wrong with a beautiful family heirloom!)  Instead, we’re seeing clean lines and unique shapes, and inlaid designs with a geometric influence.  Check out this incredible piece of art… that also can serve as your coffee table.  No books needed to drive conversation… this table by Oggetti will leave you speechless.

In fact, several of our international vendors at The Sarasota Collection specialize in stunning home furnishings with an emphasis on wood.

You can find products from the vendors we’ve mentioned today, Muebles Hurtado (Spain) and Oggetti (Italy), at our Showroom along with many others, and we’d be happy to show you the latest collections.

We also love these gorgeous nesting tables by Hurtado – stunning examples of craftsmanship, but also perfect for small-space living or seasonal residences.  Also, check out the silhouette on this wood-glass coffee table by Hurtado (at left).  Show-stopping!

At The Sarasota Collection, we also have access to our own custom production facility located in Peru.  We are able to bring your vision to life using premium locally-sourced Amazonian wood.  Take advantage of this opportunity to go straight to the source when you choose The Sarasota Collection’s team of expert designers.  Stop by anytime from Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm or give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.