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We’re excited to share a new collection from one of our favorite outdoor furniture designers, Kannoa. Based in Miami, the company was founded in 2006 by two childhood friends (and our good friends), Luis Blasini and Philip Boulton. According to Kannoa, Blasini and Boulton “set out to build an outdoor furniture company based on four pillars: Design, Functionality, Durability and Harmony. From the beginning, they had an innate sense that these concepts had to guide not only the furniture they manufactured, but the company itself.”

We share similar principles at the Sarasota Collection, which is a major reason why we love Kannoa and their products. Their various product lines all reflect the soft contemporary for outdoor living, which is so important to many of our clients. Form and function truly blend harmoniously. The Sarasota Collection is also able to facilitate a wide range of customization options for your outdoor furniture to create a totally unique look to complement your lifestyle.
Featured here is the new Toledo Collection. Kannoa writes, “the clean lines of the Toledo Collection make it an instant classic. The powder-coated aluminum frame elegantly encases soft, comfortable cushions covered in Sunbrella fabric to make your outdoor experience luxurious. The modular nature of this line allows for the complete customization of your outdoor space.”

Clean, sleek, elegant… mix and match Toledo’s elements to create a unique outdoor space, a focal point of your open-air sanctuary.  Come explore the Toledo collection at the Sarasota Collection Home Store today, and let us bring your vision to life.