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The Sarasota Collection recently worked closely with Audrey from Onyx Development Group to redesign this stunning waterfront home remodel on Casey Key near Sarasota, Florida.

Audrey guided the clients into choosing pieces from The Sarasota Collection that were modern, but with a classic feel, hearkening to the home’s more traditional previous style. It was a great way to update the home by introducing elements that totally fit the soft contemporary aesthetic, while also integrating beloved family pieces. The sliding barn door is one of our favorites. It’s a traditional element, almost “rustic,” but with a refined feel.

We are also big fans of the neutral color palette in the home’s interior that allows the home’s natural setting and that gorgeous view to take center stage. Crisp tans and rich chocolate-toned furnishings delicately accentuate the glistening turquoise waters and lush greenery right outside the home’s windows. It’s a fantastic way to pay tribute to the island setting without screaming ‘beach house.”

Here are designer Audrey’s thoughts about the project: 

“We remodeled a 20 year old house on Casey Key. It was an extensive project. I redecorated every room of this house with mostly new furniture and accessories. I selected all the materials from hardwood flooring, bathroom tiles, plumbing fixtures, house/soffit and deck colors, kitchen design, fireplace design, new floor plan for the dining room, etc… I wanted my clients to enjoy the bay view in their dining area, where the kitchen is located as well. I also created a new room for my client to enjoy her existing furniture and decorative items. My clients went from a traditional style home to a more contemporary feel. With the help and selections I found at Sarasota Collection, I was able to purchase furniture and accessories that delighted my clients. I was able to create the atmosphere and living style they always dreamed of.”

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