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Here in Florida, it’s beginning to feel as close to fall as it ever will.  Although in Sarasota we lack most physical indicators of the seasons changing, one of the ways we can embrace the slightly cooler temperatures is by bringing in some seasonal elements to our home design.

Swapping out bright, floral-inspired accessories for bold jewel-toned accents is an easy fix, but at the Sarasota Collection we also notice a growing trend this autumn, especially toward the “soft contemporary” look.

With the holiday season approaching, we find that many people prefer to make their homes as cozy and welcoming as possible – one characteristic of the soft contemporary trend.

But Marcus Anast, owner of the Sarasota Collection Home Store, maintains that this trend towards ‘softening’ is here to stay, and not simply a seasonal shift.

“People are nesting more,” explains Marcus.  “Our clients change up their home styles about every 5 years, so together we choose pieces in the meantime that are clean and fresh, but without being overly trendy or too harshly modern.”
Marcus also has noticed a growing number of his clients that look at their home in terms of the blend of form and function.  “There’s no longer really this desire to showcase one’s home.  People just want to live in their spaces,” he says.
Because many homeowners are perhaps no longer as concerned with curating an art gallery within the walls of their abode, he notes that the soft contemporary style is a great way to synthesize the on-trend minimalist look with the laid-back Sarasota lifestyle.

One of Marcus’ favorite designers whose products are featured at the Sarasota Collection Home Store is Lee Industries, known for quality construction and design that is beautiful, timeless, and fresh, but still has a certain livable quality.
Lee Industries is frequently featured in high-end home décor publications we love to be inspired by, like Veranda, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Milieu and Coastal Living.

Come visit our store to immerse yourself in the soft contemporary lifestyle.  We’re happy to show you the best ways to integrate both style and utility into your home design this fall.