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Recently we were invited to participate in a designer showcase, styling a Siesta Key condo on the 6th floor.  The Sarasota Collection Home Store was assigned the master suite, comprised of the bedroom, bathroom, and balcony of this amazing property.

Because of the unit’s height, standing on the balcony during our initial walk-through we couldn’t help but feel as if we were standing, almost floating, amidst the clouds.

That sensation of cloudlike weightlessness directly inspired Pam’s design for the three rooms.  The furnishings and accessories she chose to complement the elevation of the space helped craft a truly ethereal feeling in the space.
Another way Pam was able to create an otherworldly atmosphere was by blending classic pieces with modern touches.  A perfect example of that style synthesis is this oversized tufted chair by Paez featuring fabulous carved wood details but in a crisp, bright white.  The use of metallic elements as well, such as the gilded stool placed alongside the chair, blended old and new in a vibrant, fresh way.
Some of our favorite elements are the Flokati sheepskin pillows and bedspread that are reminiscent of angel wings – as well as being a nod to the Anasts’ Greek heritage.  One other unique touch is that Pam chose to hang crystal chandeliers over the side tables next to the bed, instead of traditional table lamps.  The hanging lights reflect the serene, floating sensation that one feels while standing in the room, gazing out the window into the sky.

A more modern touch is again applied to the balcony – the lounger and vases, for instance, feature crisp, clean lines.  Lanterns are placed near the railing for a bit of whimsy, another reference to the idea of ‘light,’ if even perhaps a play on words.

Overall this showcase was one of our favorite projects to style because there was no limit to the level of creativity we could exercise. Come fly away with us and explore the photo gallery on our Houzz profile!   Or come visit us at the Sarasota Collection Home Store to recreate the look today.