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Ringing in the new year never looked so good at The Sarasota Collection Home Store. Come into our showroom today and see what unique piece speaks to your style.

We are so excited to share with you our current favorite pieces. Whether you are starting the new year off with a new style or looking for a fun addition to add to your current decor – these fabulous furnishings are sure to speak to you.

Bring back the social ritual of tea time while entertaining guests. This sleek porcelain teapot comes complete with a strainer and matching tea cups. Our folded-edge rectangular tray is available in small or medium and fits seamlessly within this set to entertain guests. All pieces are dishwasher and microwave-safe.

This enchanting ceramic bowl is truly unique in the way it is created, with its white pattern exterior and black solid interior. Each piece from this collection is has a singular design, and is never the same as the next. The one-of-a-kind design is attributed to how the artist creates it in the kiln. First, pieces are glazed in black, wrapped in fishnet hosiery, and sprayed with white glaze. The hosiery is cremated in the kiln and leaves the intricate network pattern.

Add an artistic touch to your home with our framed artwork of three sepia-toned photographs, matted and displayed in a high-gloss white frame. This piece goes perfectly with our Beach Art Vase with three beautiful shells atop beach sand in a clear glass vase.

This Porcelain Dinnerware set is tinted throughout the porcelain giving a richness and depth of color. These pieces are available in white, dark grey and light grey and are microwave-safe. The rocks glasses used in this table setting are available in sets of four. Their modern design with a heavy-steam base prevent the glass from falling over, perfect for the holiday season.

Treat your guests to a splendid teatime experience with this tea set. This porcelain set of serving trays, mugs and teapot are available in white, light grey and dark grey and are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

These dinnerware accessories including the sugar and cream set along with the folded edge serving trays are available in small and medium. The visually pure shapes of these items add a modern flare to any table.

Award-winning Italian designer Giulio Oggetti dazzles us with the Copri Macchina Cocktail Table. This angular table is made from three solid pieces of Uliano Marble and stands 14” tall and 61.5” long. The Uliano Marble was gathered from century-old quarries in Carrara, Italy. Add this table to your living room to add an artistic flare to your living space.

Stop into our showroom to create the look of your dreams in the new year!