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As we say goodbye to summer beach days and sailing trips with the kids, it is time to embrace a new year of education by creating the perfect study space for your student!

Whether your little one is taking the leap into kindergarten, or on the homestretch to graduation… a designated area for homework is conducive to a successful school year and career. Take a look at our five ways to study in style.

With a study space this chic, your teen will be thrilled to spend hours here filling out college applications. And just think how great the Interlude Home ivory shagreen and antique brass desk will look in your home office once she’s off pursuing a degree!

If you have a desk, it stands to reason that you’ll need a chair. This is a great place to add a pop of color or, in this case, a pop of invisibility. Combining a rustic wood desk with a clean acrylic chair blends the textures in your room. Introduce a unique material into your space to make an unexpected statement.

Some students need complete solitude to focus and soak in new learning material. If your child is easily distracted, avoid nearby decor and toys. Create a study space in your little one’s bedroom or at a quiet breakfast nook with limited distractions. For these children, a minimalist design is key.

While one child may need privacy, another may need your guidance with homework. Think about creating a study area in a shared space for optimal engagement and assistance. The kitchen may be ideal, so she can work on homework while you prepare dinner.

Now & Later – When investing in a desk for your child’s study space, choose one that can live elsewhere in your home down the road. The Isabelle Desk by CHADDOCK draws inspiration from the traditional for a tasteful aesthetic that’s conducive to creative productivity. A timeless piece, it will serve a purpose in your home well into the empty nest years.

At The Sarasota Collection, we can guide you into the new school year by helping you design the best study area for your student.  Plus, these tips are also great for designing a stylish, comfortable, and effective home office space.

Give us a call at 941-955-8313 or visit our showroom at 622 Central Ave. Sarasota, Fla. to discover your chic new study space.