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What better way to refresh your home than in spring? Read on to learn about how to incorporate spring trends into your home.
Enhance with jewel tones
This year is all about jewel tones, like Benjamin Moore’s “Caliente” and Pantone’s “Ultra Violet”… and what better way to truly celebrate the most colorful season of the year than with pops of these bold colors? You can go all in and paint a room or you can add accents of vivid color with accessories.

With rich palettes like this, we recommend playing with patterns and textures. Linens and decor are great options, especially if you grow tired of the colors or want to switch it up in a breeze. Artwork is also a viable option and can be a great way to find something perfect for tying in what you currently with something new.
Stop by our store to find something stylish and unique that catches your eye. Our professional design team can help guide you toward finding your dream piece. We carry a vast selection of high quality, international vendors.

Spruce up your rooms with a little greenery

We said spring was all about color, right? Pay tribute to last year’s color of the year from Pantone, “Greenery”, by bringing in indoor plants. House plants are perfect for creating an outdoorsy vibe, without the whole “no air conditioning” and “worry of bugs” thing…

A few of our favorites are pothos (also known as devil’s ivy), spider plants, succulents and fiddle leaf figs. The best part is – these plants are pretty easy to care for, so even if you weren’t born with a green thumb, you’ll be able to enjoy them.
Pothos and spider plants don’t require a lot of maintenance. Both thrive well in low, indirect sunlight with little water. Fiddle leaf figs also thrive in low, indirect sunlight but require a little bit more love when it comes to watering.  These beautiful plants in the ficus family can, however, also be finicky about humidity, temperature, and potting conditions.
If you’re looking for something easy and small, succulents are the way to go. They require less water, but more light than other plants, usually succulents are adorably miniature in size, and the abundance of varieties available can add character to any spot in your home.