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The Sarasota Collection offers the full selection of Coulisse, a brand that offers endless possibilities and innovative designs for window coverings. We love Coulisse for their focus on bringing a product range to meet any style, taste, and functionality; much like what we focus on at the Sarasota Collection.

Coulisse, established in the Netherlands by Christian Roetring, has been around since 1992. Since it’s beginning, Coulisse has strived to innovate the traditional market for window coverings. They now have offices throughout the world to bring on-trend design options, high-quality products, and support for their customers. They have become an international leading supplier of window coverings for both made-to-measure product and the DIY market.

According to Coulisse, their product range “comprises all possible types of window coverings. From roller, panel and vertical blinds to Wood blinds, roman and pleated blinds. The vast product range provides possibilities in systems and collections to tie in with internationally diverse tastes, styles and window types.” Combine their product range with an extensive color palette and fabric choices, the possibilities are endless to match your homes aesthetic.

At the Sarasota Collection, we strive to bring our customers products that correspond to a style so unique it simply cannot be replicated. With niche, high-quality options, like Coulisse, we are able to bring the best options to you.
Choose from window treatments like Double Roller, Venetian, or Panel. Double Roller blinds let you play with the light and enhance your privacy, perfect for relieving your home of too much sunlight entering in. The Venetian blinds bring you stylish functionality. Or opt for the modern and versatile Panel blinds – and for those of you who are tech-savvy, these offer an automation option!

Are one-of-a-kind window coverings the missing element of your home? No matter the design aesthetic you strive to create, we carry the full selection of Coulisse products to meet your style needs. The Sarasota Collection is also able to facilitate a wide range of customization options to create a totally unique look to complement your lifestyle.  Explore the possibilities of the Coulisse collection at the Sarasota Collection Home Store today, and let us bring your vision to life.