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Have you ever visited the website REstyleSOURCE?  It’s our new favorite site for discovering new designers and makers.

One of the Sarasota Collection’s most popular suppliers, LEE Industries, has been handcrafting American-made upholstery in North Carolina since 1969.  One of the most important reasons we love LEE is due to their firm commitment to supporting local brink-and-mortar stores.  Through their partnership with REstyleSOURCE, LEE is able to provide consumers with a national guide to local shopping, showcasing LEE dealers like the Sarasota Collection Home Store on REstyleSOURCE.
REstyleSOURCE is similar to popular sites like Pinterest or Houzz because you can “clip” favorite images to a digital Style File, but with the added component of being a LOCAL inspiration source.  Find a photo or collage that inspires you (like this one highlighting clean, crisp outdoor furniture in white tones perfect for summer) – then learn where to find the products in your neighborhood.  You can browse by products, useful if you know you’re looking for a new dining room table and chairs, for example.
Another great function allows you to discover local business partners of REstyleSOURCE where you can search by your current location or select any other region you prefer.  This is a particularly fun tool to use if you’re planning a trip and looking to find authentic, high-quality home furnishings & accessories stores.  The website’s editors also offer City Guides exploring various design-minded areas across the country.  We highly recommend checking these out before your next adventure!
The Sarasota Collection’s REstyleSOURCE listing can be found in the local directory, or you can view it directly here.  We also LOVE the “Window Shop” option that allows you to take a digital peek inside the store and view a selection of the products we carry (view online here).

Join LEE & the Sarasota Collection in supporting the movement to bring back brick and mortar shops and local small businesses!