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The Sarasota Collection Home Store blog team recently had a chance to catch up with Marcus and Pam after their trip to North Carolina for the twice-annual High Point Market (Oct 18-23, 2014).

Attendees at this trade show event are like a who’s-who of the home design and furnishings industry – attracting leading designers, manufacturers, trendsetters, buyers, media, and beyond. Marcus and Pam eagerly anticipate any visit to High Point (the furniture capital of the world), and this fall was no exception.
Here are some of Marcus’ thoughts about their experience this fall.

Q) What are some of your favorite new trends?
A) There was so much GOLD, GOLD, GOLD— which we’ve seen before, but designers presented the metal in new ways. Also, look for lots of glossy enamels in rich neutrals. It was very interesting to see this trend for bedrooms in particular, like taupe enamel and flat grey enamel on dressers, beds and night stands. Colors inspired by Native America seemed to be up-and-coming, too. Indigo blue upholstered furniture caught our eye. And when something catches our eye, we buy!
Q) Was there a particular designer that stood out to you?

A) Hurtado has created a post-depression dining chair which you would see in a Frank Capra movie. We bought that along with some floating coffee tables. Overall the Hurtado collect was very inspiring, and you’ll see more than a few Hurtado pieces at the Sarasota Collection Home Store soon!

Q) How do you think Sarasota audiences will react to the new lines?
A) Some will love it, some won’t. Pam’s and my philosophy is that we buy for ourselves, in a sense -what inspires us and catches our eye – with the notion that there are other’s out there like us.

Q) Can you pinpoint one particular color, shape, or even a philosophy that defined this market experience?
A) We’re still seeing a lot of simplicity in design. Style can be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less creative or engaging. Also, lines are softening – angles are less harsh. The mixing of natural woods and earth shapes with lacquers indicates that the ‘rustic’ trend seems to be integrating with high design, sort of a beautiful return to the earth. It’s like an elegant homage to Mother Nature.

What do you think of these photos Marcus captured while at Market?   Visit us in-store at the Sarasota Collection Home Store to catch a glimpse of these beautiful new treasures before they’re gone!