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The Sarasota Collection Home Store ventured into Paris this fall.  Pam and I along with our South American associates attended the Maison d’Objet. Charming, glamorous and intriguing, Paris is a real capital de la création, an incredible hub for design glitterati from all over the world.

Maison & Objet is an important international industry event for interior design and decoration at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. It offers a unique opportunity to gain an overview of the trends in decoration, furniture, home furnishings, etc.. Attracted by Maison & Objet are primarily retail and mail order companies, department stores, art galleries, interior designers and decorators.

Overwhelmed with walking, language, travel and the sheer magnificence of Paris we explored for 10 hours every day we attended.  It is crucial to calm down, to come back to what’s crystal clear and is the essence of life.  Minimalist luxury is reestablishing a bare, serene timelessness. The contemporary spirit is contemplating Beauty in its most elementary sobriety. The older, the current and the future are being reconciled. Discoveries in the techno-sciences are reinvigorating an optimistic vision of the future. Attitudes and styles are maximizing the senses and sensations and giving a highly desirable art of living a vibrant new spirit.

Choosing the better by privileging “less” is the contemporary expression of an anti-bling-bling luxury that is turning its back on overload. Bare geometry, simple lines, transparent materials, lighter forms and gradations of colors are prevalent. Design is creating a minimalist art that plays the card of discretion and invites contemplation. Stylistic asceticism is freeing space from the weight of things and revealing the essence of Beauty in all its purity.

We were particularly drawn to manufacturers who have opened retail operations, much the same as The Sarasota Collection Home Store is doing.  Quality, simplicity of design, function, style and fair pricing drew us to a few manufacturers.  We were happy to see our friend Kelly Hoppen at her booth.  Her designs and creative endeavours have found their way into the homes of the new royals in England.  Yet, Kelly, and that is the essence of her designs, has retained the simple elegance and quality in her furniture.  The Fendi sisters really out did themselves.  Pam and I had the priviledge of knowing them and their work in the fur industry over twenty five years ago.  They are bringing the same explosive innovations to furniture and accessories.
More to come…………….