Interior Design Trend to Watch: the Eclectic Can you believe it’s fall already? Last fall, we discussed our a fall “trend” to look for (which really isn’t a trend at all), but our design philosophy here at the Sarasota Collection: the soft contemporary. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a new style aesthetic sweeping the globe which can only be described as “eclectic.”

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watch Image000550-sfwA little bohemian, a little hippie, a little vintage, but with a lot of style. You’ve probably noticed the “shabby chic” look turning heads the last few years. Eclectic design is similar in its incorporation of vintage, but in a more refined and decidedly gender-neutral way. So how can you master (or even slowly integrate) an eclectic style in your home? It’s easy to create this aesthetic. Here are our designers’ suggestions:
  • Create cohesiveness Select a theme, maybe based on a favorite fabric or a beloved piece of art, and use this as your design launch pad. It’s easy to build a color palette and bring in complementary elements when you have a an inspiration source. Using texture like metallic or wood elements also lend an strong thematic presence to a space, so it’s important to use elements like these in a subtle way.
  • Design to surprise images of online dating Unexpected elements in a room together are a principle of eclectic style. Blending contrasting pieces and furnishings, mixing time periods or cultures in a dramatic way, or Image00091-sfwembracing whimsical details are all ways you can design a space that feels creative and unique, not “cookie-cutter.”
  • Sense of intimacy Low ceilings, closely arranged seating aimed at sparking conversation, warm or jewel-toned colors, and even highlighting your heirloom or sentimental pieces or collections all are aspects of eclectic style that support a sense of intimacy. And people feel intimate in a space, they feel comfortable – and even grow to develop an emotional connection to it.
  • Graphic elements
    Strong patterns can complement each other without clashing if you’re careful. Intricacies of patterns are an important consideration. Two “busy” patterns even if in the same color family probably won’t work well. But pairing and layering a few mellow patterns could be harmonious.

tips om binära optioner Designing an eclectic space is an evolving process. Think of your rooms like a “working document,” or a living space that can always continue to grow. Keep in mind that eclectic styles mix elements, not match, to crate synchrony, cohesiveness, and intimacy. If it works, you’ll feel it. And most importantly: have fun!

see url Love the idea of an eclectic style but not sure where to start? Or maybe you don’t have the time to let your imagination run wild?  Visit the Sarasota Collection and our design team can help you create the eclectic room of your dreams.

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